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Nappiness is Eco-Friendly T-shirt

Classic "I'm Nappy, Happy and Free!" T-shirt

Happy, Nappy and Free! Field Bag
Nappiness is Eco-Friendly Tote

Kid's version of the adult favorite "I'm Nappy, Happy and Free!" hoodie


For a wider range of nappy products, including our classic, "Nappy, Happy and Free! t-shirts and "Nappiness is Eco-Friendly!" t-shirts, mugs, bags and other merchandise, click here:




You can continue to easily purchase my books and the Limited Edition Frank Frazier print on this page through our convenient online ordering process:
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nappyisms.gifNappyisms: Affirmations for Nappy-Headed People and Wannabes!

Nappyisms is a potpourri of affirmations and essays, jokes and anecdotes to inspire you as you start your nappy journey or to support you if you have already arrived!  More on Nappyisms

$16.00 (includes S&H)

snapbackcvr.gifSnap Backs!
Verbal Ammunition for those who 'dis your 'do!

Those who have naturally kinky hair textures and wear African-inspired styles, will enjoy this arsenal of witty little retorts to be used when anyone makes ignorant comments about their hairstyle choice. Neutralize verbal attacks with a clever snap back!

New Nappy eBook! – only 99 cents!

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Frank Frazier Prints
poster1.jpgfrank_frazier.jpgA Nappy Hair Affair Print
Signed, limited edition prints created by Frank Frazier.

Frazier, a celebrated artist whose work has appeared in movies and on television (i.e. Coming to America, Bustin' Loose, the Bill Cosby Show, CNN), has attended several of ANHA's Hair Day gatherings.  He was so inspired by the gatherings and by our mission to promote African American culture and identity, that he created a special A Nappy Hair Affair print in the
artistic style that made him famous.  These signed, limited edition prints are collector's items. $30.00 (plus $10 for S&H for up to 3 prints)


nappytote.gifReusable Grocery Tote

This reusable tote created by A Nappy Hair Affair, Inc., is an earth-friendly and inexpensive way to carry groceries and use for other purposes. It is lightweight but durable, colorful and washable.
The natural cotton bag sports an earth tone image of trees that also suggest various natural and African-inspired hairstyles.
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     * 100 percent cotton
     * 4.5 ounces.
     * Fabric handles
     * Dimensions: 15.5"height, 13"width x 7"deep.

$15.00 (includes S&H)

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