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Love and Nappiness Cover

Listen to a sample of the Nap Dap Rap!

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Love & Nappiness: A Celebration of Nappy Hair

1. Nappy Baby Blues (Nappy As Can Be) (3:14)
N’Dambi - Cheeky-i Productions
Written for A Nappy Hair Affair

2. Mosetta’s Mane Message (2:23)
Linda Jones, founder, ANHA

3. Hair Testimony (4:03)
Julie Manuel
“Wild Hairs & Other Repressed Voices”

4. Rejuvenation (2:55)
Greg Williams & Amon Rashidi - Moon Nation Productions

5. Snappin’ Back (2:04)
Emotion Brown

6. Hairpeace (0:37)
Emotion Brown

7. The Nap Dap (1:54)
Linda Jones

8. Nap Dap Rap (4:14)

Amon Rashidi, Greg Williams aka The Ghetto Poet, Maroon Nation Productions, Keenan & Katherine Fein

9. Nappy As Can Be (end segment) (0:55)


Nappyisms: Affirmations for
Nappy-Headed People and Wannabes!

Nappyisms is a potpourri of affirmations and essays, jokes and anecdotes to inspire you as you start your nappy journey or to support you if you have already arrived!

(Currently out of print. Please leave your contact information if you want to be contacted when the reprints are ready.)



Snap Backs! Verbal Ammunition for those who 'dis your 'do!

Those who have naturally kinky hair textures and wear African-inspired styles, will enjoy this arsenal of witty little retorts to be
used when anyone makes ignorant comments about their hairstyle choice. Neutralize verbal attacks with a clever snap back!

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Family Scribes
Family Scribes is a multi-generational game where relatives and close friends play a part in remembering stories and capturing them in writing! Available in print and eBook!